Quick Track (QT)

Quick Track for all your Trips and Freight movement by Road.

Looking to get visibility for movement of consignment on market hired trucks?

Quick Track (QT) is just the feature loaded solution to help you do that.

Better so, without any GPS/Smartphone App/Hardware requirement.

ZERO CAPEX and 5 minute Set-Up!

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Key Features :

  • Live tracking and visibility - Never lose visibility of your shipment again.
  • Geo-fencing! - Always gives accurate Gate-In/Gate-Out and auto-stopping of trips upon completion.
  • Visibility for FTL and PTL - ALL your shipments from a SINGLE Window. Full Truck Load & Part Truck Load.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered exceptions and alerts - Based upon 20+ parameters and algorithms, Know about delays before they are about to happen. Futuristic Indeed.
  • Control Tower & Analytics - Never lose Control. Actionable Insights for Trips, Transporter Performance, various other reports for improving performance and strategy-making
  • E-way Bill Integration - This empowers you to stop losing money on E-way Bill expiry and delays. Automatically extend E-Way bills with parameters set by you.

Here’s a use case for your Understanding :

Solutions available for Enterprises, Transport Companies & Consignors.

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